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The House of SKIN (Unit of Kiran Hospital) Gill road, Ludhiana

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THE HOUSE OF SKIN by Dr. Parwaaz Matharoo

Where Passion & Profession come together!

It is a house of healing where everyone is welcomed irrespective of age, race, religion, gender, or economic status. We are a dermatology centre that believes in 'primum non nocere' i.e. DO NO HARM.

Dr. Parwaaz Matharoo is a highly motivated and passionate dermatologist committed to providing excellent health care. Excels at being kind and empathetic. Proficient in diagnostic skills and variety of treatments for patients of all ages. We at Kiran Hospital aim to perfect our abilities to deliver excellence in clinical practice and dermatological procedures. Patient satisfaction is our priority.

Clinical Dermatology is a speciality that has evolved from internal medicine. It encompasses a complete range of skin disorders and systemic diseases that manifest on the skin, hair and nails of the patient. No one understands your skin, hair or nails better than a dermatologist.

Skin is a mirror of how healthy your mind and body are ! Sometimes your dermatologist may be the first one to notice it. 

Skin is an incredible organ. It is your first line of defense against disease, protects your other organs, warms you up and cools you down. 

Get Skin Care from the expert who knows best about the organ that cares for you. 

Hence, for any kind of hair / nail / venereal concern visit US. 

Your dermatologist knows the difference between something small and something major. 

Do not forget to schedule your happiness this week ! 

What is Teledermatology?

Modern technology supporting health care at a distance. Dermatology being a visually dependent specialty is particularly suited for this kind of health care model.

It is also called virtual consultation.

Best patients for virtual consult include:

Do not overthink, if you have a concern: EXPERT DERMATOLOGIST IS JUST A CALL AWAY!!! 

What can we help you with?

In-clinic procedures:

Have a 'be.Y.O.U.tiful' life with MORE kindness and LESS judgment.

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Clinical dermatology
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Chemical peels
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Skin Biopsy
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Microneedling for vitiligo
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PRP treatment for Hair
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Facial rejuvenation
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TELE CONSULTATION - It is a secure digital platform that allows patients to share photos and videos with a dermatologist for remote assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions.





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